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Commander of the popular al-Qadhafi's Guard remains defiant despite the capture

الضو اثناء مقابلة بي بي سي معه
If you talk to Gen. Mansour Daou, the leader of the popular al-Qadhafi's Guard, and one of the most important aides, will be generated to have the impression that the green revolution led by Gaddafi is still in vigor.Daw told us, "Gaddafi is dead. This is real. But his ideas will remain a philosopher and thinker."Daou and one of the few senior officials of the Gaddafi regime, who remained alive after the destruction of Gaddafi's convoy last October. He said Daou, who was wearing new clothes, from his prison in a prison belonging to the army intelligence in Masrath, it's being treated well.But he told us that he does not have legal representation and did not report anything about the charges against him was not allowed to see his family members.The authorities accuse of involvement in the revolutionary Daou massacre 1996 in Abu Salim prison in Tripoli, which killed about 1200 people.As claimed by the revolutionary authorities also said he knows money and weapons caches hid forces loyal to Gaddafi in the recent events in the country.Taking into consideration that he could face the death penalty and he narrowly escaped death from the immediate experienced by Gaddafi and his son Mutasim, calm light seemed surprising.It seems that Daw hopes to be a revolution, something transient, where he told us, "the old system as long as 42 years. You can not assess the system for two months or even years and you can not predict his future."IsolationAnd contemporary Daou weeks of bitter fighting in Sirte in September and October two years. He told the BBC that at the end of this period became the see "The situation has reached such case Maasa. There is no doctors, no hospitals, no medicine and communications. Back to primitive life."The revolutionary forces besieged the city's cease-fire for short periods to allow civilians to flee from Sirte, but it is believed that the ceasefire has been in coordination with tribal leaders and not with the forces of Gaddafi.And describes Daou decision Gaddafi walked away from the rebel forces while the NATO forces bombed the city desperate step rule to fail due to lack of experience many of the participants.Delay fleeIt was scheduled to leave the convoy, which includes senior officials of the Qaddafi regime in the early morning I walked about four in the morning, but postponed her departure several times.Daou said, "delay, which lasted 4 hours caused a lot of problems for us."The convoy was attacked by NATO forces and then to another attack of the rebels and the forces of NATODaw asked if the reason for the point of going to escape if he is successful, we answered, we will go to the village where he was born Gaddafi at a distance of 30 km, and there is a "we will fight until death."He described the Daou, who was in the same car with Gaddafi's what happened."We were attacked by NATO forces twice, one as we move, but the attack was not on our car"He said Daw "engine stop our car and we had to move to another car. Presented Gaddafi to minor injuries from glass fragments."Gathered all the cars then near a power plant was being targeted and then attack us. Although we went out of the car, hold fire and people are exposed to fire and burns."Included the last desperate attempt to escape the split into two groups and flee walk led by Mutasim Gaddafi.The interview turns to achieveWhile stopped the interview until we consult if we want to draw more questions to Ldo, suppose Ibrahim House of Hope, director of prison Masrath standing, to investigate with Daw.Home of Hope, said after taking the helm of dialogue "did not tell us there is information on it. No credibility in your statements."Experience was confusing and bewildering to turn our interview into something completely different. The pressure on the house of Daw hope to answer a set of questions was the revolutionary forces that want to get an answer on it.The Daou questions about the firm and urged the authorities to send documents and interrogation of the Attorney General if they believe that there is reason for trial.The dialogue between the two parties is characterized by challenging, but it was surprisingly calm and composure with which the prisoner of his direct charge.
Source: BBC Arabic

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