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Angelina Jolie and pause in the Academy Awards ceremony raises comments on Twitter

Raised the dress worn by actress Angelina Jolie at the Oscars 2012 a lot of comments and jokes on social networking sites "Twitter" and "Facebook", especially as themethod of parking Julie on stage during the presentation of one of the paragraphs,showed her right leg in an exaggerated manner, which attract attention!

Julie wore a simple black dress bare shoulders, but that the deliberate disclosure ofJulie her right leg in front of the cameras raised comments Twitter users even have created a special account as the "stalk Angelina Jolie!" Exceeded the number of participants in the account more than 27 thousand and exchanged jokes and comments on Julie! Among the comments sarcastic: "reconciled Angelina Jolie with her ​​left leg andwill expose them to the Oscars next! But the criticism did not stop the comments, butsome groups have put a leg Julie pictures of other artists such as Jennifer Aniston,Bruce Lee, in addition to the image Queen Elizabeth Queen of England, NapoleonBonaparte and the Statue of Liberty.

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