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The impact of a massive explosion of a surprise attack on the base guarding the presidential palace in Mukalla

Type of car bombs to Saudi Kia caused the deaths of twenty soldiers and a woman and wounding at least 8 peopleAl-Qaeda claims responsibility in the implementation of the attack on the guard the presidential palace in MukallaBodyguard to former President accused Salah Bates Ba to stand behind the targeting of the Presidential PalaceShook the huge explosion at twelve o'clock and a quarter of the afternoon staff the presidential palace in a surprise attack resulted in a car bomb of the type of Kia The driver, Mohammed Ali Sayari - Saudi citizen - belonging to al Qaeda to go to guard the palace where the guards surrounded the car when he turned to them The driver blew himself up inside the car which led to the fall of the twentieth dead soldiers and a woman and with her small child had been present at that time near the palace and the wounding of at least 8 people.The attack was aimed at military armored vehicles and crews, and soldiers of the Republican Guard, which guard the entrance to the presidential palace on the road to Vuh that killed a number of those killed and injured several of the wounded were then transferred promptly to the Ibn Sina hospital, which was heavily guarded cordoned off.Backed by armored vehicles and crews MilitaryThe escalation of the impact of the blast that thick smoke in the vicinity of the entrance gate of the palace, and was cordoned off the street leading to the start of camp Vuh help to bridge Ambejh was followed by heavy firing.
The blast left a power outage in the region, which lasted disconnection at least four hours as a result of damage to electric wires Region massive explosion that shook nearby homesand shook also Staff of the Centre Belfkih cultural where there are in the meantime, the Governor of Hadramout, which ended the meeting with the supervisory committee for the elections, and still the road leading to Vuh closed until the arrival of experts andinvestigators from Sana'a to collect evidence after the blast, which rose proceeds until ninepm to 22 people and wounded one of the workers afforestation of the sons of Gil Bawazirwas present at that time in his work, and the authorities imposed a security transfer traffic to the street sixty today next to security reasons.
Said Brother Khalid Saeed religious governor of Hadramout for «Mukalla Today» "The investigations are still underway to determine the identity of the port of this terrorist attack perfidious, who was killed and tearing his body to pieces," explaining that "the car that carried out the attack is a kind of - Kia - taxi turned are other small pieces scattered by the powerful explosion that shook the region Vuh, "emphasized the religious that" security agencies conducting research and investigation to find out who is behind this terrorist act treacherous who abhorred the children Hadramout and called security to take decisive action against those who stand behind him to catch them and bring them to justice. "The blast, which is still shrouded in mystery a bit after a few hours at least of the coronation of His Excellency President Abd Rabo Mansour Hadi, head of the country in the House as president of the country, Reuters news agency quoted an official source in the al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula claimed responsibility in the implementation of the process that resulted in the deaths of 22 soldier and a woman and wounding at least eight othersThe quoted number of ambulances for the army guarded by crews from the Republican Guard ahead of today's Morocco number of wounded from the hospital Ibn Sina on its way to the airport Rayyan for traveling military plane to Sana'a in what is left in the Ibn Sina hospital two injured seriously, and advised doctors consistently addressed in the recovery room, The aircraft will be moved tomorrow morning another military death toll from the Republican Guard to Sanaa, which turned most of their bodies to pieces along with the body of older women and young child. 
He accused the bodyguard of former President Ali Abdullah Saleh, Brigadier GeneralAziz, my Chief of Staff Major General 27 Mica said in a statement broadcast on Al Yemen on the pro-Saleh, President of the Revolutionary Council Hadramout Salah Bates of being behind the suicide bombing that targeted guarding the presidential palace in a car driven by a member of al Qaeda, which I worked a hole at the entrance to the presidential palace and fragmented ubiquitous concrete barriers at the gate and scattering shrapnel from the blast to different places in the region and bottles that fell windows of houses adjacent to the Palace from the south side.
The day you get Mukalla on the outcome of initial names of the dead from the Republican Guard are:
Guard your dead
Abid BashirAerar IbrahimAhmad Jarallah, Ahmed al-Bakri (from Wadi Hadramout),Muammar AldjadbeAbdullatif Sbota, antiseptic AerarJalal Restaurant, Mahagheri Ali,Muhammad Mahagheri
Dead special forces
Samih Issa, share Jaradi, Walid Ma'amari, Walid Osaimisalami, SamirNabil Ghanem,Yahya Saleh anal
And still make sure the rest of the names of the martyrs.
Source photos from Reuters

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