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Newspaper: Algeria will not hand over the Gaddafi family of the Libyan Transitional

صحيفة: الجزائر لن تسلم عائلة القذافي للمجلس الانتقالي الليبي
Newspaper, "Sunrise" Algerian Algeria source familiar with the family will not hand over the late Colonel Muammar Gaddafi of Libya's Transitional Council, despite what the threats faced by Tripoli to reconsider in the future of bilateral relations between the two countries as Algeria did not respond to the demands of extradition.
The paper quoted in the issue dated on Tuesday, February 28 quoted "reliable sources" as saying that "the threat and intimidation," Chairman of the Board Interim Mustafa Abdul Jalil, to cut off his country's relations with countries that harbor wanted, Harbin, or what he called "the enemies of the Libyan people", is statements "does not mean, either closely or far Algeria, which hosts several months ago, members of the family of Muammar Gaddafi."
The sources said that no arrest warrant against Gaddafi's family in Algeria, issued by the International Criminal Court, or by the international police Interpol. The sources also said that the hosting of Aisha and Mohammed Henbaal and descriptive Gaddafi "was and is still, for reasons and justifications for humanity." The same sources pointed out, that "the Interim Council," the Libyan or Libyan authorities, "I did not formally request delivery of the Gaddafi family."
The newspaper reported that Aisha Gaddafi has finally committed itself to the conditions of residence in Algeria, the "Algerian conditions that remain," according to sources.
Source: Russia Today

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