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British steal thousands of pounds of funds collected to save the life of his son

بريطاني يسرق آلاف الجنيهات من أموال جُمعت لإنقاذ حياة ابنه
British stole the forty-sixth in the age of 16.500 pounds of funds collected specifically tosave the life of his son who was suffering from an incurable disease.

The newspaper 'Daily Express' on Thursday that a British court heard that Julian Amesfounded a charity to his son Michael, who became the youngest at the age of adolescencevictim suffering from motor neurone disease in Britain.

She added that the Assembly was able to collect 55 thousand pounds to cover the expenses of sending Michael to China for the treatment of stem cells, but his father put his hand on the money remains in the fund after the failure of treatment, leaving his son in which only 1300 pounds.

The newspaper said that the money left by Julian was not enough even to pay for thefuneral of his son Michael when he died last April at the age of 24 years.

She said that the Crown Court in Cardiff told Julian that his conduct cap for funds wasshameful treatment of his son, and shameful.
The court will rule in the coming weeks against Julian.

Source: Jerusalem Arab

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