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Chinese women occupy men's toilets to demand equality

صينيات يحتللن مراحيض الرجال للمطالبة بالمساواة
Dozens of women occupied the public toilets for men in the city of Guangzhou, southern China, demanding equality between the sexes and a greater number of toilets for women.
The news agency quoted China's Xinhua me Myaze activist who participated in the protestssaying 'no we gather here to prevent the men from the use of latrines by force, but to spreadawareness about equality between women and men'.
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She said during a sit-in in front of a public toilet for men in the park (Yoshio) in the city, 'we seek to influence the legislative council in the province to build a reasonable proportion oftoilets for both sexes and to provide more toilets for women.'
Women have changed the sites 'occupation' toilets all of them for 3 minutes to prevent menfrom using them.
It warned me of another Sahwa in additional cities including Beijing.

Source: Jerusalem Arab

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