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Reuters: the smuggling of British and French journalists from Homs to Lebanon

رويترز: تهريب صحفيين بريطاني وفرنسية من حمص إلى لبنان
A diplomatic source said on February 28th that the British journalist Paul Conroy patient,who works in the newspaper "Sunday Times" has been smuggled out of the Syrian city of Homs to Lebanon and that "a sound and Exempted."

In a related Reuters news agency quoted sources as saying that the Syrian oppositionhave been smuggled French press Buffett performed from infected Syrian city of Homs to Lebanon as well.

The Russian Foreign Ministry announced on Monday, February 27 that Moscow invites allthose who have requested the possibilities to influence the Syrian armed opposition in order to enable the International Committee of the Red Cross from entering the city of Homs. The Foreign Ministry said that "talking is going well for the observance of the trucethat would allow to ensure evacuation of the wounded, women and children and a number of foreign journalists from the district of Baba Amr."

Russian Foreign Ministry said that "the available information indicates that the twojournalists Mtoajdon Homs areas controlled by insurgents."

Source: Reuters+Russia Today

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