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Immediate arrest of the update for e-mail

Stopped the giant U.S. electronics company (Apple) property update on Friday, immediate e-mail services, a rival for the U.S. after the (Motorola) to a court ruling in their favor in the dispute over the ownership of patented technology used in this property. Update and use the property for immediate e-mail services in the "Mobile Me" and "Aye-Claude" to pass the e-mail messages automatically to mobile devices. This property and send email messages to mobile devices without waiting for a device to search for e-mail update.
And Motorola and Apple engaged in a dispute about judicial own patented this technology in many countries of the world.
Has issued a German court earlier this month, Apple says that the sentence violated the intellectual property rights of Motorola, Inc. using this technique. While Apple spokesman expressed his belief that Motorola's patent is invalid, saying they would appeal the verdict.
Does not apply to the judgment of the e-mail services to non-Apple and on the devices produced by U.S. company such as phones iPhone and iPad Tablet PC. It also does not apply to e-mail services for Apple devices when used with a laptop or desktop computer.
Another lawsuit On the other hand, showed the documents published on Friday that the company (Brovio) Chinese filed a lawsuit against Apple accusing them of fraud when it bought the name "iPad" from (Brovio) in 2006.
The lawsuit was filed in February 17 in a court of Santa Clara, California, at a time when the court refused to Shanghai in an attempt to impose a ban on the sale of your Apple "iPad" in China.
According to a lawsuit that Apple created a fictitious company called "IBM Iblakashen Develubmnt" (IBM Application Development) in order to negotiate with Brovio the trademark "iPad", and claimed she wanted to name a shortcut to the name of the company, and they confirmed Brovio they will not shop competing products them.
Brovio says that a representative for Apple used a false name in the signature on the letter from the company that calls Blwahmah "IBM Iblakashen Develubmnt" In addition to fraud and lying about how to use the name "iPad."
Brovio and sold the name "iPad" company "IBM Iblakashen Develubmnt" compared to 55 thousand dollars in 2009, but want the court is currently considering the contract null and void, as demanded by preventing Apple from using the name "iPad" on their products.

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