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Apple and the phone will be the new Sasong against water

هاتفا آبل وساسونغ الجديدين سيكونان ضد الماء
Spread a lot of rumors about the specifications that would have enjoyed all of the phonecompany "Apple iPhone 5" (iPhone 5) and a telephone company, "Samsung Galaxy S 3" (Galaxy S III), but what caused uproar real is the enjoyment of the two devices is the structure protected from liquids, where the technique used will depend nanotechnology to protect against water.

This technique provided by the company "Akuibil" (Liquipel) where This technique depends on molecules will cover the entire surfaces of your mobile device, including theinterior so as to prevent water damage to sections E, Inc. "to Akuibil" provides its service, this is so for phones other for a sum of money ranging 60 to 80 U.S. dollars.

It should be noted here that the company "Akuibil to" draw attention to it does not recommend protected Ptguenitha expose the devices to the water, where utilized this technique in cases of exposure or contact with the phone is intended for liquids.

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