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Quranic verse inspire the discovery of an Egyptian engineer, a building material to address the seismic

آية قرآنية تُلهم مهندسة مصرية باكتشاف مادة بناء تتصدى للزلازل
I got the Egyptian scholar Leila Abdul-Moneim on the "Order of Merit" to discover a way as to protect plants from the effects of earthquakes. Abdel-Moneim was discovered this method after reading the verse in the Koran.
And succeeded Laila Abdel-Moneim certified doctorate in engineering from the reach of discovery and the "invention" reinforced concrete walls of the bitumen from the molten iron, based on invented the two verses of the Cave "Atoni Sber iron even if equated Alsdwin said Anfjua even if you make a fire He emptied it Atoni diameter * What Asitaawa to make him known and were able to dig. "

The scientist Egyptian to be what was in the cave stopped by to manage the position of coming on well, and inspired to conduct a number of experiments Eventually, she concluded to the new combination of "reinforced concrete", which employed the same materials used by Zulkarnain to establish a barrier between two mountains, a material derived from products oil is added to it with molten iron asphalt, I got a solid help to resist earthquakes.
And stresses the newspaper "News" reported by the news that "God has inspired centuries of a way to build some materials that prevent the influence of the strongest earthquakes, a barrier that separates between us and the Gog and Magog."
The paper also confirms that Dr. Laila Abdel-Moneim 100 Her invention, and it was awarded "Award of Merit in London" and that one of the members of the jury granted the award and described as "the mother of inventors working in the silence of the Sphinx and the pyramids Hmokh."

Source: Russia Today

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