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The strangest titles of women and men in Arab countries

Titles of women and men ..
Old used to say: Women Alsobhlh, ie, increased weight did not lose her beauty, and Alodaih, any that have a tinge of beauty, Da'jae, wide-eyed with black, are the words found in dictionaries, Arabic and was focused on the characteristics of shape, but the qualities of these days are affecting foul and movements terms that vehicle turned into titles, and tended to be stones Atrashgaha men and women, all he wants to prove the guilt of the other to receive and make fun of him, that they have sessions for women and men, especially over the Internet, to write these titles, and it came with them to the extent of competition, what would invite them to the Vacuum, or jealousy, or Search for funny moments?
When it was fellow writer Emad Eddin Adib, «Dictionary new man» by an article in the «sister» Middle East, came the idea of ​​this file, but the writer colleague stopped in his article at the titles in men wondered at the meeting of Liberation: What about the titles of women?
Since there is no woman or girl, Gulf specifically, according to novelist and artist Saudi Ahmed Almelguth, walking in the mall only speak in Mobile, and this is annoying the men, called it the title of «Mbemb», while «Triatoma» is located down the ( Logo) ».
The title was the cause of divorce delegated Mahmoud Shaban, an Egyptian lawyer, during the reconciliation meetings, called her husband a girl «Osh», ie a bad reputation, the judge Vtmm divorce, the husband has committed to pay all expenses.
As for Maher, Joseph, a teacher of Lebanese believed that words, transmitted on men include puzzles do not understand women, and once was with a girl in a restaurant and was the owner, and winked to him to know his opinion out, he said to him: «Next Random Valso» (ie, that the girl is right for me ) Maher commented: «I do not think she understood my intention».
But the lawyer Saad Alaadh, from Saudi Arabia, announced the death of women is attributed to the titles of irony, His friend Ahmed Albandara, the architect, the wife «regular», especially when her husband cut off contact Council, remembers with Majid Mohammed, an employee of Saudi Arabia, how to call some colleagues at work the title of «the girl interval», which speaks in a way not understood with respect to the work.
Even women find pleasure in the creation of titles belong to their counterparts, and this is what nag arrows of emotions, the director of the Foundation, Moroccan, from her friend specialized in the creation of titles of ridicule, when I called it the title of «Herkkawih»; she likes sandwiches, so that no one is mentioned by name, attached Arrows: «put an end to my relationship with them in order to avoid the worst».
It seems that every country his words live and reality,'s youth Palestine styled women's voices aircraft they hear from the raids of the Israelis, and this is what moved us Moataz Ashour, school student, such as «missiles» and «concern» and «F-16» is the name of a military aircraft, and considers titles shamelessly.
And the title of «balloon» Women's mast, the beginning of many problems in Palestine up to fight, even if the balloon went off the right, as you say Osrovin Omar, a housewife, and child in the street called «balloon exploded»! Change course: «The title is called the girl fish modest beauty, one of them has caused the problem when he called the two girls together Tmsheean: Mazeh and fish, one of them laughed and cried and stumbled in other stone».
As I remembered to Jane, a Syrian student, neighbor, which they call the title of «Almath» Alat proportion of the insect, which spoil the clothes and furniture, change course to Jane: once Nadettha «aunt Almath», Vchktna to my father, who Aaqbna a way as not to forget today.
Revolution mobiles, called on young people to invent words taken from the hierarchy of characters, word «Jglh», the letters next to the number five in the order of buttons and mobile calling beautiful young in Syria, as told us the student Murad allowances, and continues: «when half a daughter as« Mcnslh »that is, they do not like dealing with those around them.
Declined to a friend Haitham Shanawany, designer networks in Egypt, marriage to a girl when he heard some friends ask him about the Qboha Balbnt «Alawjo» accessible from any young people, and said: «I lock Ah, but I dusted skull footmen not».
Famous artist of the late Syrian Naji Jaber Bolkabh about the man who does not benefit from it as «Nakt and without Tohme», Troy Yasmin Ahmed, a Syrian student, how do you spread them in the college inter Dr «Almd_un» relative to the «Don Juan» any elegant in his actions that attract girls When the contact Mohammed Ayyash Lebanese officer, his wife, and I asked him about his situation, he replied immediately request clarification without sound «Mervh» any tired a lot, and laughed when he learned that her friend is answered; because his wife was at the meeting ...
I laughed hope Samir, a political activist, Egyptian, and I remembered their neighbor Olfat - broken ta - «who issue fatwas on all matters without the knowledge», and continued: «There is the man the thymus or Albiskuth a man soft Habib Mama, had previously refused to marry and then we learned that a single mother; because title Biskuth ».
Has caused the title of Mister «sausage» expel a colleague Ahmed Riad, from Egypt, from his work in the restaurant, when I think that the real name of director, and his title by working for it permanent nerve. So it was only called him by.

Share of women opinion Rasha Mahiou, a tour guide for the Lebanese, titles Atalegnha men, Fikln example, this man (violent) that is, it is able to take responsibility, and usually facing men their respective capacities, as you say, and share with her friend Nawal Yassin opinion, which invented terms which you use in the Internet to describe the man as «this young Mtlt» that is, it does not understand something, or he (Msidi) which has a long experience in life.
When I decided to Zizi Murad, a student at the Faculty of Languages ​​in Egypt, she and her friends that hold up the morale of Sidikhen Voguenanh as a man (Ps) any undesirable, and that they Ichagern for him, followed Zizi: «We do not know if we believe already, or wanted to play the same game with us ; because he went with his mother to the four of us Ikhtabna »!
How much the surprise was great when I discovered Lubna Nadeem, an engineer Decor Egyptian, they do not carry wallet her money, to pay the account invite her to a restaurant, I asked her colleague lent without the others feel, but the other was not carrying money and what had asked their friend, refused to pay the account , and said: «You invited me to lunch from», I remembered what he plans to built their colleagues in the work «footmen Pound» when entering any pocket money does not see the light.
While not interested in leading Othman, a marketing executive, in Saudi Arabia, titles, the man for her is said and done, see Amina Karim college student from Saudi Arabia, it is inevitable, Vhqigaha not leave «PlayStation» its own does not care about anything in the house which is good of known as the «Almnfd». While you see her father «X Lance»; of the importance of his presence in the house.
In the UAE, much talk about the man «Alcachk», even coupled with the title young Emirati who does not dispense Gterth and let loose and fragrant beauty at any time, and previously was said by the man «Kchkh» when Atkchk a one-time, for example at the feast, but these days all are holidays for him, a lawyer attached to the UAE Khadija Khanbooli «not Tkchkhon Wade .. Agren you see girls ».
Almkrbj man says Nour Ramadan, an employee, is the description of spoken in Syria for a man when he starts falling mistake, taken from the word «Krbj», and release when the engine breaks down and you need to rehabilitate the Wolf again. Follows: «once wanted to buy food supplies for the home from a shop, where the shop owner replies nervously I told him you are today Mkrbj became angry and asked me to leave the area»!
But what do you mean when you say the UAE: «I married a man Zkurti»? In the Levant is Zkurti Gallant, but in the UAE, said Mariam Al Shehhi from the Scout Office in Ras Al Khaimah, mean boy flirt and beautiful, desirable girls, attached to Mary: «there is a man named Dahi lazy».
Then I remembered Fatima Arjan, an employee Foundation Women in Ajman, their neighbor in Paragon, and they call him the title «Btali», ie, who earns a living through illegal, and «Musrkaa» the light of reason.
The launch also in Damascus, the title of «Mzaaberga», on the man lying, we see something like this title in the UAE, according to Basma Khamis Abu Bakr, an engineer, where they call the man the title of «Zabbari», if many words, the work is good contrary tocustoms of the people, change course laughing smile: «When we say to one of our relatives Zabbari says I am not a Hebrew I am an Arab demonstrators not to understand the word affecting them».
Sharjah is home to specific titles of men, according to Mohammad Qasim, an employee in the UAE, where the title pasted «ventricular» gluttonous man while eating food ..
Underlining the Khatri, an employee of AED, the Ministry of Finance, that these titles are not modern, but hereditary, such as «sprue» any qualities benign, corrects: «One of the men in the Council wanted to praise another said to him, you« sprue »and then the loud laughter of those present» , and remember Abdullah Al-Hajri, an employee of AED title «Zgaoa» for the man who deceives people with his words rhetoric!
Man «saw» the term is common in Syria, and calls on who receives the bribe, it also tells us Joseph Karout, student, commented: «often they give some of the traffic police, customs and police».
The «Abu Falkh» is a liar, according to counsel Muftol UAE Obaid, the hapless hapless, it «Alocard», attached Muftol: «as well as calling the man who does not grow hair on his face».
When living his own son Mohammed Abdullah, an employee, a breakfast with his colleagues, and pull a fellow of participation, this they call him the title «Prusas» a miser Muqtadir, commented Mohammed: «this status may accompanies it always and colleagues used this title when talking with a colleague says have you any Prusas skimpy ».
Is regarded as a Moroccan artist, Abdul Khaliq Fahid, Olza title of man is «Pope paste», ie, spineless, and despite a tendency Fahid for fun, but does not allow one to whatever would make him lose his respect.
There is a kind of steroids are smuggled into Gaza named «Tramal», commented Talat in the mind of the poet, a Palestinian student, a man named Widowed, those who engage in, though he is addicted to drugs «Msll».

Source: Journal of Madam

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