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A new phone from Nokia camera 41 mega pixel camera

Nokia has offered a mobile phone camera contains its 41 mega pixel camera can makeanyone become a professional photographer with ease.
Nokia also launched the damaged and placed in the mobile phone market finally a newsmart phone is relatively inexpensive in the context of the exhibition and conferencephones is currently being held annual in Barcelona.
The price of new smartphone 254 dollars and that is running Windows.
Commented company president Stephen Flop on the launch of two new devices that itwould strengthen the position of Nokia in the market.
And across the analysts are optimistic of the possibility of restoring some of the Nokiaposition in the market after the launch of the new phones but the preliminary indications to put the two devices were not as good as Nokia shares plunged by more than 5 percent inearly trading in Helsinki, where the company's headquarters is located.
Continued to Nokia for a long time leading mobile manufacturers in the world that went down position relative because of the influence of other companies, especially in the field of smart phones, and most notably Apple's her lost (the iPhone) and a company Research In Motion, her lost (BlackBerry) and Samsung her lost (Galaxy S 2)

Source: BBC Arabic
To watch the video for the new phone from Nokia camera 41 mega pixel camera

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