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Japanese scientist discovers a system of central heating in dogs

Are days I wondered how dogs can walk barefoot on the ice .. Now offers you a world of potential Japanese answer .. He was a central heating system.
Says Professor Hiroyoshi Yamazaki Gakuen University Ninomaa just west of Tokyo, the secret lies in the functioning of the circulatory system for dogs to prevent the chilling effect to the rest of the body from contact with extremely cold surfaces.
This system is based on the use of warm blood oxygen-laden blood to warm the cold surface on which to cool before being sent back to the heart of the dog and its central vessels.
He said Ninomaa for detection, which he published in the Journal of Veterinary Dermatology "dogs have a system of heat transfer at the edge of her legs. Arterial blood flow to the parties to her legs and then heated the blood of the veins before they return to the heart.
"In other words, it has a system for the exchange of gases in the feet."
The world and use the Japanese electron microscope to study the dog leg, frozen and found that the convergence of the arteries and veins in the foot makes the temperature of blood coming from the heart through the arteries easily transmitted to the cold blood in the veins.
Thanks to this system to transfer heat dogs feet remain warm even when exposed to severe cold.
Ninomaa say that dogs are not alone, which has such a system to transfer heat from the dolphins and other animals have it.
But he noted that not all dogs are able to live in a cold climate and that this is due to the breeders of dogs and the special qualities they seek, and beyond.
And went on "Dogs evolved from wolves and therefore retains some characteristics of their ancestors.
"But this does not mean that one of them always go for the fun of the snow all the time. There are many kinds of dogs now do not bear the cold."
Source: Reuters

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