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I stayed on cancer girl .. Heal naturally

فتاة اقعدها السرطان.. تشفى طبيعيا
Preparing a British girl prevented her cancer in her spine from the movement, to participate in the match after that ballet has regained strength and recovered naturally.

The newspaper 'Daily Mail' that the British Megan Kershaw (14 years), suffered a rare form of liver cancer in 2008, and during the eradication of the tumor doctors found that the disease has spread to her spine, then to lie in a wheelchair.

During the treatment received in hospital suggested chip 'Sheffield' for the children try toleave it heal naturally.

Indeed, he has cured her spinal column and was astonished doctors of the speed of it andconsidered it a miracle.

The doctor said that 'a speedy recovery was amazing and shows how the bones ofchildren can recover in this situation.'

He added that the girl's spinal column 'heal itself without any special treatments of us ..Megan no longer need to see me after her recovery. '

Her mother said the girl regained her health and the natural is doing all it can do its peers,has returned to the dance as they prepare for the match in the ballet.

Source: Jerusalem Arab

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