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Smart phones shipped warm body

A new study that researchers found a way through which shipping smartphone using body heat with electricity only.The study pointed out that the researchers were able to develop some kind of conservative is placed inside the special mobile phone, which works to generate electricity through the difference in temperature between the body and outside temperature about the user.The study, published in the magazine "Time" of America, that the material used in this portfolio, which is based in the generation of electrical energy to the science, "electro-thermal" is often expensive and cost about a thousand dollars per kilogram.The researchers are trying to develop this product using similar materials, they can convert heat into electricity, which conduct research on a number of cheaper materials to provide the market with more products and prices are competitive with those of conventional chargers.The study suggests that researchers in the study worked on the design of sleepwear of materials used to convert heat into electrical energy, enough to put mobile phone in the pocket of pants or jacket for the process of charging the battery.The researchers found the new technology using carbon nanotubes for the manufacture of electrical energy from thermal differences between the body and the surrounding air.The researchers covered the nanotubes for the manufacture of plastic fiber fabric easily allows the use of the device in a number of products.It could be the technology that rely on heat to generate electricity dozens of applications, such as charging the car battery or mobile phone and so on, but the researchers said the technology is still in need of further development before they become ready for commercial use.
Source: "economic" from Riyadh

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