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Report: Opium production in Afghanistan has increased twice during 2011

تقرير:انتاج الافيون في افغانستان ازداد مرتين خلال عام 2011
Increased production of illegal opium in Afghanistan last year from 3.6 tons to 5.8 tons, while the expanded areas of land planted with opium poppy with a 7% to 131 000 hectares. The figures contained in the report of the Committee of the UN drug control in 2011 was published in Vienna on February 28.
Two-thirds of the cultivated area under poppy in the world is on the territory of Afghanistan.Last year, half the states exercised this raw Afghan agriculture. Due to the sharp rise in prices of opium after the bad harvest in 2010 became poppy cultivation more attractive to local farmers.
It should be noted that he was destroying poppy crops in Afghanistan during the past half year, on an area of ​​3810 hectares, far above the level of the corresponding period of 2010.
This being the smuggling of Afghan drugs to the overseas market on three routes: via Pakistan (about 44% of the overall size) and Iran (32%) and Central Asian countries (about 25%). The increased amount of opium that has been setting out in the region in the period between 2000 and 2009, from 199 to 645 tons of heroin and 23 to 50 tons of cannabis and paste from 170 to 311 tons of cocaine from 68 to 289 kg.
Concludes the report's authors to the conclusion that opium poppy cultivation is illegal in Afghanistan linked to the security situation as before in the country, especially in their mandates and South Bank.

Source: Russia Today

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