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Heavy duties alienate children from school

الواجبات الثقيلة تنفر الاطفال من المدرسة
German Institute study found that heavy duties transferred to the school place is lovely for children.
The Center for the Study of Children 'barometer of children' in Berlin in a study published by the psychological pressure because of school achievement robs many children and young people the desire to go to school.
The study said that 16 'of the number of students surveyed associated with negative school experiences at most, while a 15' feelings that the 'medium' for the school.
Said Christian Schroeder, President of 'real estate savings bank' (LBC), which has funded his study that 10 thousand children in the age group between the ninth and fourth years of age participated.
The study showed that students sixth grade and seventh grade retreat, including psychological motivation whenever talked about the school, indicating that the pressure in the school education is still on the increase does not make a lot of children see in school, a place of happiness and learning as it was seen before.
The 87 'of children and youth respondents said their friends at school Aharunhm atmosphere is beautiful and very good.
The proportion of 71 'of these students that the family is a good place where they feel satisfied.
Did not say good about the school as an institution only 47 'of those involved.
The savings bank mortgage 'L IPS' work since 1997 polls about the happiness of children in Germany, and since 2007 data are issued by the so-called 'Barometer children' handled official institutions.
Source: Jerusalem Arab

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