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Fabregas reveals his soul and sign for the sports fan on a shirt Ozil

فابريجاس يكشف عن روحه الرياضية ويوقع لمشجع على قميص أوزيل
Revealed the Spanish international Cesc Fabregas to Barcelona today enjoys a great deal of sportsmanship on the shirt when he signed the German playmaker Mesut Ozilrivals Real Madrid.

Fabregas claims scene the arrival of the Spanish team to Malaga to face Venezuela in a friendly on Wednesday when the progress of the hundreds of young fans who lined up toNeil "Ottogeravat" Matador players Cesc students from the signing of the Real Red shirtwritten on the back Ozil No. 10.

Fabregas did not hesitate for a moment to sign the shirt and Ozil smile on his face.

Source: EF E

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