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Marriage application result in the killing of the bride

Police in northern Vietnam, a young man confessed to killing his girlfriend after he asked him again to postpone the marriage after his request to marry her, as quoted by local media.

The newspaper "Dan Tri" Vietnam was the intimate relationship that connects over thethree years between Chan Min Tan (21 years), who lives in Ha Nam Province, Vietnamand his girlfriend, aged 19 years, which was reluctant to accept his marriage to them.

When he asked her again she said she needed more time to take an important decisionlike this. Replies the girl raised the anger of the "groom" his companion who was stabbedwith a knife 10 times and must rate a corpse.

After committing the crime was the young man his temper and called police, saying that the criminal gang of youths attacked his girlfriend and killed her. However, Tan revealedhis secret to his friends Vensahh a final surrender to the police.

According to Tan, the idea of ​​marriage, his companion scared because my father recentlydivorced young.

Source: Russia Today

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