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Hair feet .. Hope for those who suffer from baldness

شَعر القدمَين.. أمل من يعانون من الصلع
May be felt at the feet of men a nuisance to some, but it can be a source of hope when those who suffer from baldness, it is found that the cultivation of hair from the feet of a person in his head make him enjoy the lashes look more natural if he wants to get rid of the problem of baldness.
The Web site (Health Day News) U.S. researchers at the University of California, found that the hair and feet which is characterized by a soft smoothness is an ideal candidate for the cultivated patches of hair, which aims to restructure the hair of the head end.
The researcher in charge of the study, Omar Sanusi that 'the whole idea is to advance in the process of hair transplant to a higher level', pointing to the presence of 'several problems' in the traditional ways of relating to these cosmetic surgery.
He stated that the traditional agriculture of the hair includes hair taken from the middle of the back of the head is thicker, which means that planted on the border despite all the efforts will end look unnatural.
The biggest problem lies in men who suffer a significant loss of hair from any Magistrate sharp, which means loss of way necessary for the hair transplant them to the lack of enough hair for that, and therefore there is no source for hair transplant.
He pointed out that the method requires the collection of the chest hair and beard, and men with some hair from the back of the head and the place to be planted.
Source: Jerusalem Arab

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