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Report: 411 billion dollars, the volume of arms sales in the world in 2010

تقرير: 411 مليار دولار حجم مبيعات الأسلحة في العالم عام 2010
Sales of weapons in the world in 2010 by 1% in 2009 to 411 billion dollars despite theglobal economic recession. This came in a report published in the February 27International Institute for Peace Research in Stockholm.

The Institute took control of the companies that focused on arms sales in the United Statesand Western Europe where it has maintained Lockheed Martin, the U.S. ranked first, sales of $ 35.7 billion, followed by "BAE Systems" The British, with the Boeing Company of America came in third place.

On a related issue government data showed the high volume of Russian military exports toRussia last year to 13.2 billion dollars against 10.5 billion reached one billion dollars in 2010

Source: Russia Today

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