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Wikileaks publishes secret telegram 5 million informants reveal the names of U.S. intelligence

Site Wikileaks announced Monday that he began to publish more than five million classified cable from the U.S. Agency Stratfor private intelligence and strategic analysis.A statement that the cables of the site is an e-mail and extends the period between the month of July 2004, the month of December / December 2011.He said that the letters reveal the use of Stratfor "network structures and pay informers financial rewards for bribes, and methods of money laundering, and psychological methods (used by the CIA)."The statement added that "the documents show how the intelligence agencies and how to target particular individuals for the private and government customers."Wikileaks and confirmed that he has evidence of the existence of secret links between the agency Stratfor, and companies such as Lockheed Martin and also government agencies such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Internal Security Forces and U.S. Marines "Marines" and the Agency for Defense Intelligence.It is noteworthy that the Australian founder of Wikileaks Julian Assange is currently in Britain, by eliminating trying to prevent the response to London to request Sweden handed over for questioning regarding the charge of kidnapping and rape. It is feared that Wikileaks shall be delivered to Sweden Asanj Introduction to transport him to the United States.Washington is seeking to arrest the founder of Wikileaks after the website published hundreds of thousands of American diplomatic cables.
Source: BBC Arabic

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