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Arab invent the alarm system to prevent the incidence of various types of thefts

عربي يخترع جهاز إنذار يحول دون وقوع مختلف أنواع السرقات
Devised a young Egyptian man fond of inventions and holds more than a patent, a deviceto prevent theft of cell phone and wallet which is a thin electronic does not exceed thediameter of cm and one, attached to the phone or be placed in the pocket, and made ​​whistling warning what to try one of them stretched out his hand to theft.

Not only put thin in the pocket, but also can be placed in drawers and on the machines,accounting and shop fronts displaying valuable items, which helps in maintaining theholdings of private and public clients from intruders or thieves aggressors.

And by the inventor of this device, a lawyer, Mahmoud El-Baz, in an interview with the"seventh day" is confident the global attention to the lack of invention unparalleled in any other place. He said that many will seek to get this device that the price ranges between 25 and 50 piasters, which will ensure significant financial profit of any company has the sole rights of production.

This may seem really important invention of all segments of society, without exception, whether in the cities of a high incidence of cases of "pickpocket" in public transportation orin other cities, has many shops selling precious jewelry.

Source: Russia Today

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