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Showing posts with label who number 845 million. Show all posts


Characteristics of a new marketing on Facebook before an initial public offering prospective

Facebook revealed for new ways to enable companies to reach out directly to the users of social networking months in the world, who number 845 million across all electronic devices including mobile phone while preparing for an initial public offering many billions of dollars.
And workers can markets through advertising "Premium on Facebook" (Premium Online Facebook) New broaden the base of their deployment on the social network to pay the fee for recording a video or a voucher or any other message to appear on the home pages for users of Facebook or on a page to log off or even page news for usersAnd free page news yet of messages advertising with pay.
Said Carolyn Everson, Vice President of Facebook for marketing programs world in front of about 1,000 guests in the hall of the American Museum of Natural History in Manhattan on Wednesday, "Our vision for marketing is that any content you see you or I on our news will be good as long as coming from a friend or a family member."
The new features represent the latest batch of Facebook to convince companies to spend money on ads through the first global social network instead of using Facebook as a marketing tool free of charge. It also highlights the efforts of the first new ads from Facebook to generate returns from growing segments of consumers who use the service through mobile phones.
The e-marketing analyst Debra Williamson "Bermam and mobile advertising will help Facebook to reap more revenue from private ads major brands such as Wal - Mart and Makis."
She added, "Bermam will allow more room for advertisers to connect on Facebook, but they have to pay for this."
The new features will allow other companies as well as celebrities and brands are the establishment of a private mini-sites within Facebook using the model (time series) Timeline provided by the users in their own pages earlier this year.
The executives said - in a meeting attended by hundreds of officials, advertising and marketing companies - the service (s Facebook) Facebook Pages will be available on smart phones later this year.
And about half can Facebook users login to this service through mobile phones, but the company did not provide yet any ads on the mobile phone is a gap in the marketing of Facebook and hindrance to marketers trying to reach those users.
Facebook plans - created by Marc Zukirberj bedroom accommodation in the students at Harvard - to raise five billion dollars in an initial public offering will be the largest ever among technology companies in Silicon Valley.
Source: Reuters

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