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Russian TV: foil a plot to assassinate Putin

Channel One television said the Russian government spokeswoman said on Monday thatRussia's security forces and Ukrainian foiled a plot to assassinate Prime Minister VladimirPutin after the presidential elections taking place on the fourth of March.

The report, which was attributed to the news of any security officials that the security services have arrested two people in Ukraine port of Odessa on the Black Sea after an explosion at a rented apartment that killed people.

The report said the planners were working for the group wants to establish an Islamic state in Russia's North Caucasus and had planned to travel to Moscow to assassinate Putin, who is expected to win the presidential election.

Channel One said that the Ukrainian security services notified the Russian FederalSecurity Service (AFP. S. B) the two men were arrested earlier this year.

He said a man described in the report of the first channel as a planner "was our ultimate goal is to go to Moscow and Putin assassination attempt on the final ... it was our appointment after the election of the President of Russia."

The agency said Russia's Interfax news agency said Dmitry Peskov, Putin's spokesmandeclined to comment on the incident. Could not be contacted immediately for comment.

Source: Reuters

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