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The spread of weapons smuggled from Libya in Egypt

انتشار الأسلحة المهربة من ليبيا في مصر
Azab Ahmed Helmy said Director of Criminal Investigation, Ministry of Interior that the weapons smuggled from Libya spread in Egypt, adding that the Interior Ministry is trying tolimit the spread of these weapons and prevent their entry. He set the 42 automatic rifles, 54 thousand rounds recently.

Azab said that the Ministry has developed plans to cope with situations of insecuritydepends on the payment of large numbers of patrols roam the streets to reduce crime. He noted that the campaigns daily "hot spots of crime" for arms control and outlaws. He stressed that these campaigns resulted in the seizure of 18 000 fugitive from prison of the 23 alpha escaped from prison during the events of the revolution and set the 6 thousandguns of government.

And about efforts to combat crimes of car theft detection Director of Criminal Investigations for the start using a "GPS", through a contract with one of the world to be applied in Egypt, pointing out that a lot of stolen cars smuggled through tunnels into Gaza and to the existence of efforts to return soon.

Source: newspaper "Al Ahram"

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