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United Nations: The number of civilian deaths in Syria, "much higher than 7500"

The United Nations said on Tuesday that the number of deaths during
Syrian government's campaign against pro-democracy protests, "much higher than the7500 people" to raise
Previous estimates of the death toll at about a third.
He informed the Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations for Political Affairs LynnPascoe, the UN Security Council that the force
Weapons of the opposition seem small compared with heavy weapons used by the Syrian army.
Pascoe said "At a time when we can not give specific numbers of dead and woundedreports worthy of
Confidence that the death toll now exceeding always 100 civilians a day, including many women
And children. To be sure, the death toll so far is much higher than 7500 people. "
And the outside world proved unable to stop the killings in Syria, where he led the suppression of the protests that were peaceful
Completely at first to the emergence of an insurgency. And used the right of Russia and China veto twice
To block any move by the Security Council.
The statements made by Pascoe, while France announced on the third attempt in the Security Council to adopt a resolution on
Regard to Syria, this time to address the humanitarian crisis.

Source: Reuters

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