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Wikileaks: Israel destroyed the infrastructure of Iran's nuclear facilities on the face of the earth

Publish a site "Wikileaks" secret messages set by the Hst of the company "Stratfor" specializing in U.S. intelligence-gathering and advisory services, in which he said that Israel destroyed the infrastructure of Iran's nuclear facilities on the face of the earth end of last year.
A source in the Israeli intelligence in his letter dated November 7 2011, commenting on the information about that Israel is preparing to launch a military attack on Iran, said the news "is not only a maneuver to divert attention (other issues) .. The Israel destroyed infrastructure infrastructure for Iran's nuclear facilities on the entire face of the earth a few weeks. "
These comments came during an exchange of letters between the source and Israeli intelligence analysts, "Stratfor" in the wake of an explosion in the Iranian missile base near the capital Tehran.
The source expressed his belief that Israel's conflict with Iran, part of the "European conspiracy," explaining that "European leaders launched a campaign under the slogan" Let's attack Iran, "in order to divert the attention of the community about internal financial issues" faced by European countries.
According to the documents published by "Wikileaks" on February 27 that some analysts "Stratfor" They believed that Israel sent teams "commando" to Iran to carry out this process in cooperation with the Kurdish rebels or Iranian immigrants in Israel.
In the same context, showed a U.S. company analysts doubted that the attack had happened in reality, is also ruled out the possibility that any possible attack of this kind that makes Europeans "forget the crisis of the euro area in which they live and the proceedings day by day."
This is expected to publish the "Wikileaks" more than five million messages to analysts, "Stratfor" returns for the period between July 2004 and December 2011. The company said that some of the messages that intend to "Wikileaks" publication may be forged or have been changes to the text of the original. These documents include information about the requests received by the police and the working methods used and the means used to gather information.
Source: "Haaretz" Agencies
Russia Today

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