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Video .. Gaze is innocent of the husband of Finland to Danish princess

Became the President of Finland Tarja Halonen at the very critical position after thecameras picked up her husband, a gaze skims "admiration is innocent" to a Danishprincess.

During an official dinner hosted by Queen Margaret Denmark, seized the video cameraPentti Erayar, husband of Finland, the Finnish or the first man, he skims to look at PrincessMary, wife of Prince Joachim Queen, inappropriately at all.

Where he appeared in the video Erayar he looks at the Princess, which was sat next to him, at a time when the audience at the Palais des Omaleanorj look at the speakersplatform so that he bowed his head as he looked to it, which drew the attention of thePrincess and make them look at it. Then demonstrated that Eraara look at the ceiling while the Princess raised her dress and made ​​her feel a little embarrassed.

The agency United Press of America to remember the incident that pictures taken byFrench President Nicolas Sarkozy at a summit in Italy, eight in 2008, looking to the back ofa Brazilian girl.

Source: Seventh Day

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