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The issue of "confidential informant" for "Wikileaks" .. The controversy over the freedom of the press in the United States

Rejection of the American soldier Bradley Manning accused of leaking classified information to the American justice on Thursday, February 23 acknowledge his guilt, but it also did not pay his innocence. Among the information leaked by Manning, according to the indictment, a tape showing the killing of civilians by U.S. troops in Iraq, including two journalists in accordance with the agency "Reuters".
The accused Manning, who is suspected of having "confidential informant" for the site "Wikileaks," a formal court martial in the United States to "collusion with the enemy", before his trial where he faces a sentence of life imprisonment.
During a session in the "Fort Meade", Maryland, followed by a military prosecutor's indictment includes 22 counts, including the most serious "collusion with the enemy."
And Manning accused of being transferred to the site "Wikileaks" between November 2009 and May 2010 and documents a U.S. military about the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, in addition to 260 thousand documents diplomacy from the State Department, which led to a storm in the capitals of the world at large.
After the judge read the list of charges against him, said Manning, a former intelligence analyst in Iraq, which has twenty-fourth of his age, he understood the substance of the charges, but declined to comment on them.
The issue of Manning concern of many in the United States of the future of the U.S. media.At a time when Washington is calling for other nations to respect freedom of expression, observers say that the freedom of the press, expression, face many challenges in America.
And compares many of Manning's story and the story of Daniel Alsberg soldier who leaked documents about the Vietnam War. But this is not about a soldier decides to see it leak from the right of peoples, but to freedom of opinion pending more than a string.
Source: Russia Today

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