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Ronaldo's Russian girlfriend undresses for publicity for skin creams

I thought Irina Shaik Russian supermodel girlfriend football star Cristiano Ronaldo, the famous nude for the benefit of the promotional campaign for skin care creams for thecompany "Germaine De Capuccini" Spanish.

The girl offered her interesting takes them off again after her completely for shooting in the promotional campaign of the means of human beauty and care, including anti-agingcreams.

The Irina Sheikh Alaslamova known as the "Irina Shaik" (25 years) and a Russian motherand a father born in a small town Tatar Chelyabinsk province of Russia. Trekayaa and started in the world of fashion and fashion after winning a local beauty contest in 2004,imagine now for months, magazines and the largest clothing and perfumes in the world.

It should be noted that Irina Shaik friendly football star Cristiano Ronaldo, you know whereeach other on the other in April / April 2010 and is expected to hold a wedding next year.He had earlier announced his desire to marry Ronaldo off the crossbar and said that theRussian marriage contract ceremony will take place on one of the Madeira Islands AtlanticOcean.
صديقة رونالدو الروسية تتعرى من أجل الدعاية لكريمات البشرة

Source: Russia Today

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