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Dutch Prince may not wake up from coma

الأمير الهولندي قد لا يفيق من الغيبوبة
A doctor Prince Johan Friso at a news conference Friday that Prince hid an avalanche a week ago while on a ski trip in Austria suffered severe damage in the brain may not wake up from a coma.
The Prince is the son of Queen East Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands on a ski trip near the town of Lech in the Austrian Alps when the avalanche occurred. Johan and gave up his right to the throne ten years ago.
Johan and trapped under the ice for 25 minutes before the lift is unconscious and in critical condition since then. The doctor said Wolfgang Köhler in news conference 'Prince did not get enough oxygen because he remained stuck under the ice for too long.'
Kohler said 'lack of oxygen led to a heart attack lasted 50 minutes. Throughout this period, he should revive the patient. This long period on an exceptional basis'.
He added that if the prince woke up, aged 43 years and lives in a hospital in Innsbruck near the Lech ago on Feb. 17, the 'rehabilitation will require months and even years.'
Source: Jerusalem Arab

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