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Urgent: Egyptian security forces arrested at Cairo airport Saif al-Adel leader of the "Al Qaeda"

القيادي في تنظيم القاعدة سيف العدل
Egyptian security sources said they had arrested at Cairo International AirportMohamed Ibrahim Makkawi known as the sword of justice, nicknamed the new commander of the "Al Qaeda".

The news agency said, citing the Middle East Cairo airport authorities have arrested thesword of justice on Wednesday, February 29 on his return from Pakistan through theUnited Arab Emirates. He was handed over to the Supreme State Security Prosecutionfor interrogation.
الأمن المصري يعتقل بمطار القاهرة سيف العدل القيادي في


Sources at the airport is responsible to the Agency that the Egyptian security forces had received information that the structure of Saif al-Adel to return to Egypt and deliver thesame to the authorities.

The sword of Justice took over command of the "Al Qaeda" temporarily following the killing of Osama bin Laden last May, according to Egyptian sources said MohammedIbrahim Makkawi wanted in Egypt since 1994 in Case No. (502) Supreme State Security, without clarifying what are the charges made against him.

Source: Russia Today

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