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G-Shot (JShot) program to take pictures of the screen and dissemination

جي شوت (JShot) برنامج لأخذ صور عن الشاشة ونشرها
How many of us need to program explains which way to deal with this program or another, whether in forums or even to explain the rapid in front of someone else, here the program is a G-shot (JShot) of more free software interaction with the Internet web sites, includingPicasa (Picasa) and Amaj check (ImageShack) and Tweet Beck (Twitpic) and others, and even interact with the program Sakaib (Skype) and the load on the paths of Xbox (Dropbox)not to mention the possibility for direct download via FTP (FTP) provided by the sites.

The program supports the amendment and imagery that captures full-screen images oractive window, and supports the possibility of taking a picture from the webcam on mostlaptops.

You can download this software free from its location on the Internet link

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