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European Association for Gay raise a case against Mourinho coach of Real Madrid

الجمعية الأوروبية للمثليين ترفع قضيةً ضد مورينيو
Assembly proclaimed the European Gay athletes filed a lawsuit against the coach of RealMadrid Jose Mourinho because of his sarcastic in a training session ahead of the faceCSKA Moscow in the Champions League.

Mourinho and may attack the commissioners of the Union of European Football Associations because of their refusal to allow the players of Real Madrid, experimenting with new ball to contest the Champions League training session during the preparatorymeeting for CSKA Moscow, which led him to what he described as "gay."

Jose Mourinho after the preferred entertainment for himself and not to express his interest in the presence of Commissioners of the Union of European Football Associations in the court of exercise testing his luck in the payment of some penalty.

The Spokesman for the Assembly to Louis Angelevild to the newspaper "El MundoDeportivo" Ketlonah said: "We want UEFA to punish Mourinho for his comment because of Alhomovonya (homophobia). We can not allow these comments hostilities in the world of football."

Source: Gul. Com Arabic version

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