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List the names of more women for sedition in 2012

Deployment site "AskMen" men in the internet for more than the traditional classification of women sedition. And prepared a list, which includes 99 women famous, according to the results of an opinion poll site visitors. Participated in this vote, about a million men. And wonfirst place Colombian actress Sofia Virgarh.

The site "Russia Today" pictures of women visitors to the top ten beautiful maidens for the year 2012.

Virgarh Sofia (born 1972) actress and fashion model Colombian.
Kands Esfinpol (1988) fashion model from South Africa.
Rhianna (1988) and singer was born in Barbados.
Kim Kardashian (1980) fashion model and singer of elite indifference.
Scarlett Johansson (1984) American actress and singer.
Emma Stwoon (1988) American actress.
Nikki Menage (1982) rap singer, composer and music.
Miranda Kerr (1983) Australian super fashion model.
Rooney Mara (born 1985) American actress.
Kate Upton (born 1992) fashion model and American actress.

Source: Russia Today

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