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Found on the Gospel of Jesus contains the prophecy of Prophet Muhammad

نسخة الإنجيل التي يقدر ثمنها بـ22 مليون دولار
Found in Turkey, a rare copy of the Bible written in Aramaic and return to the pre-1500 years, indicating that the Messiah (peace be upon him) predicted the emergence of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) after him.
This event is still running the Vatican, has called Pope Benedict XVI preview the book, which has remained in the shadows of more than 12 years, according to the newspaper "Daily Mail" the British.The Minister of Culture and Tourism of the Turkish Ertgoul Gunay: "The value of the book is estimated at $ 22 million, which contains the prophecy of Christ, the emergence of the Prophet Muhammad, but the Christian church proceeded to hide over the past years for its similarity to severe with what came in the Quran about it."
And corresponds to the content of this version of the Bible with the Islamic faith, which describes Jesus as a human and not a god to worship, Islam rejects the Holy Trinity and Christ's crucifixion, and that Jesus predicted the emergence of the Prophet Muhammad after him.
A copy of the Bible that Jesus told the priest asked who his successor, he said: "Muhammad is the holy name, my father descended from Ishmael the Arabs." Gunay said that the Vatican had formally requested preview the book, which became the possession of the Turkish authorities, after his disappearance in 2000, the Mediterranean in Turkey, and then accused the gang of smugglers effects stolen through illegal excavations and be tried now.
The Holy Quran says in verse 6 of Sura Grade: (As said Jesus the son of Mary, the children of Israel I am the Messenger of Allah to you confirming the hands of the Torah and a harbinger of a Messenger to come after me, named Ahmad when he brought them with Clear Signs they said: This is mere magic.)
Said Pastor Ihsan Ozbek newspaper "Zaman" Turkish "The copy of the Bible dating back to one of the followers of St. Barnabas as they wrote in the fifth or sixth century, while the Rev. Barnabas lived in the first century AD for being one of the apostles of Christ."
As explained Professor of Theology Umar Farooq, Hermann: "The scientific examination will enable us to detect close to the actual age of the copy will determine whether actually written by St. Barnabas, or one of his followers."
It is noteworthy that the manuscript of the Bible in Syriac by Christ, and valued at $ 2.4 million, will be displayed in Alonthogravea Museum in Ankara.
The Turkish authorities decided to transfer the museum to maintain and preserve them from damage for being one of the cultural assets.
The manuscript contains extracts from the Bible written in gold letters on the skin and linked to Potter.

Source: MBC Arab

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