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A group of comics sold for $ 3.5 million

مجموعة من المجلات الهزلية بيعت بـ 3.5 مليون دولار
Sold a group of comics that were found last year in a warehouse home in Virginia, compared to $ 3.5 million.

The newspaper (New York Post) that a group of comics collected by a man in the thirties of the last century, found in a warehouse home in Virginia last year, and includes pictures of the first appearance of the famous personalities such as Batman and Superman.

The Group achieved $ 3.5 million to sell at an auction organized by Dar Al-'Hretj VBN' in New York.

And achieved a magazine featuring Batman for the first time the amount of 523 thousanddollars, while the other was sold back to the year 1938 and the first appearance ofSuperman for 299 thousand dollars.

He was a relative of the owner of the group Billy Wright, had been found, as he cleans thehouse of his aunt warehouse after her death.

The Wright died in 1994 at the age of 66 years.

Source: Jerusalem Arab

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