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The biggest lobster in Maine goes back to the Atlantic Ocean

Said maritime officials said the biggest crab is caught in the state of Maine and weighs12.25 kilograms and who was nicknamed "Rocky" and is of claws strong enough to break the arm of man fired again into the ocean on Thursday after ensnare network prawn(shrimp) week the past.

Said Ellen Jones, director of education for the department of marine resources of the statethat the lobster, a male of crustaceans such as the size of the child at the age of three years was launched to the waters of the Atlantic.

Jones said "the whole weight in the claws ... can break your arm."

Were catching crabs from the beach near the village of Cushing and was transferred to an aquarium in Maine, West Boothbay. And prohibits the state to keep the fishermen by the sea cancers as small as 12.27 centimeters from the eye to the beginning of the tail.

And to adapt it to the water near the aquarium, the crab was launched at West Sboothbaainstead of the place where Astid it.

Source: Reuters

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