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Study: Internet use in the Middle East increased by 2300%

T said. That. S Middle East and North Africa one of the largest market research companies in the world that many of the regional market is witnessing a dramatic increase in the use of the Internet, where the number of users rose from 7.8 million to 871 million during the past ten years.
Said Steve Hamilton, Clark, CEO of the company in a statement received by Reuters a copy of it via e-mail on Wednesday: "The use of the Internet in the Middle East and North Africa during the past ten years by 2300 percent and I think this is one of the many indicators of the need for brands to change their way of implementation business. "
Clark said that the study of (digital life) conducted by T. That. S recently on the behavior of consumers mail in 60 countries "shows that 90 percent of consumers in the region are looking for information about all categories of products using the Internet before making any purchasing process in addition to it refers to the growth of electronic commerce in the region. "
He stressed the need for brands to provide full services to consumers ranging from helping to provide information before the purchase to product selection, procurement and delivery down to the after-sales service.
He said, "there is still a need to incorporate traditional marketing strategies to stimulate the use of the Internet first as there is a need to follow an integrated approach and work on the application of methods of advertising campaigns through the Internet within and outside the scope of the Internet."
T was founded. That. S Middle East and North Africa in 1980 and serving in the Middle East through 150 consultants in business.

Source: Reuters

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