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Yemen: the opposition boycotting the inauguration because of the presence of Abed Rabbo Saleh

اليمن معارضة عبد ربه صالح
Yemeni opposition announced a boycott the inauguration ceremony of new President HadiAbed Rabbo at the insistence of former President Ali Abdullah Saleh to attend theinauguration ceremony. The opposition said in a statement that the presence of favoralong with the new president is a provocation to the feelings of millions of Yemenis who were elected Hadi and chose change.
The opposition accused the benefit of trying to appear in the protocol and ceremony as if he handed over power voluntarily and not under the pressure of popular protests.
In another matter declared Youth uprising demands they make a package for the new president in the forefront of the revolution and the recognition of the killers ofdemonstrators took to the trial and work on completing the rest of the goals of the revolution, according to a statement Tloh they held a news conference Sunday morning in the courtyard of the change in Sanaa. He also called for independent youth uprising and the Houthis complete achievement of the objectives of the revolution.
The yard has seen the change festival to honor the victims of the protests vowed to young people by continuing to be achieved all the goals of their revolution, according to the side.

Source: BBC Arabic

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