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French fishing vessel pulls the other Italian drifted in the Indian Ocean

السفينة الإيطالية
Italian cruise ship ran aground, carrying more than a thousand people, in the Indian Ocean, where Somali pirates are active.He said members of a Coast Guard Italians Franco Marini told the BBC that a fishing vessel flying the French flag and arrived on the scene and began to pull the stricken vessel to the nearby island of the landing of passengers and then transferred to the Seychelles.And issued the ship's crew, "Costa Olegra" distress call, when a fire in the generator room to the interruption of electrical power at a distance of about 300 km south of the Seychelles.According to Katie Watson BBC that he will transfer passengers to a hotel in the nearby island of Deeroochez then in preparation for transfer to, Mahe, the main island in the Seychelles.The company issued a "Costa Cruises" the owner of the vessel confirmed that the statement be placed securely confirmed the absence of any injuries among the passengers.While the ship took about nine Italian component of the Italian forces deployed in the region to combat piracy activities so as a precautionary measure.Somali pirates are active in the area where the ship ran aground, but were unable to detain any passenger ship before that.Italian authorities issued warrants for three merchant ships and fishing vessels in the region to go to the location of the ship stranded.The aircraft flew the Italian Navy over the place and taken pictures of the ship.It is noteworthy that the company "Costa Cruises" is the owner of the ship Costa Concordia, which sank off the coast of Italy last January, causing the deaths of 32 people

Some nationalities of the passengers
135 Italy.
127 French.
97 of Austria.
90 Swiss francs.
Germany 38.
31 Britain.
15 Russia
15 Spain
8 Americans.
And the rest from other countries such as Mauritius, Croatia, Czech Republic, Brazil andUruguay.

Source: BBC Arabic

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