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Pakistan demolished the residence of bin Laden

مقر بن لادن
Pakistani authorities began to demolish the headquarters where he stayed for Osama binLaden's former city of Abbottabad for years before his death.
The bin Laden had been killed in a raid carried out by U.S. special forces without the knowledge of Pakistani authorities.
And brought the security forces and bulldozers began demolishing a private exterior wallsafter sunset on Saturday, according to Reporters transfer, demolition work will continuethrough the night.
The U.S. special forces that carried out the operation in the month of May / May last has moved from neighboring Afghanistan and attacked the headquarters of bin Laden, usinghelicopters, "Ghost," which is not revealed by radar.
The troops stormed the headquarters and killed five people inside, including bin Laden,and left after 40 minutes Musthab with his body and some computers and other devices that contain data about the activities of bin Laden and his al Qaeda network.
The little that remains of the Pakistani authorities Headquarters accident caused her pain and embarrassment, and led to strained relations with the U.S. ally.

Source: BBC Arabic

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