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Anger of Serbs and Bosnians admired Angelina Jolie film "in the Land of Blood and Honey"

انجلينا جولي
Raises the film "in the land of blood and honey," the first film you directed the U.S. actressAngelina Jolie, contradictory feelings in the former Yugoslavia, a country which is set in it.
In the Serbian capital Belgrade, did not attend the premiere of the film - which tells thestory of a Serbian soldier during the war in Bosnia to find his lover in the Muslim camp for families - only a handful of viewers, but he received applause from the crowd that attended the presentation in the Bosnian capital Sarajevo.
The film sparked anger Serbs because, according to their claim, that showed the bad guys look in the war that took place between 1992 and 1995.
Has described Serbian newspapers on Thursday published the first show of the film inBelgrade "Palmezelh."
She said a newspaper-oriented Serbian National Five viewers only attended one of the presentations, a number of "more than deserves the film," she went on.

Source: BBC Arabic

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