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Government of India: homosexuality is a moral

The Government informed the Indian Supreme Court that homosexuality is immoral and it is against the "laws of nature and cause the spread of HIV."He urged the Minister of the Interior Indian Supreme Court to reconsider the decision by the Delhi High Court in 2009 who believed that homosexuality is not a crime punishable by law.In conclusion, this court decision has issued a law in the colonial era by 148 years and considered that sexual relations between homosexuals "unnatural offense".The Supreme Court has asked the groups critical of the rule of determining the meaning of "sex is natural."Still a lot in India consider sexual relations between homosexuals "illegal", but human rights groups say has long been that the law criminalizing this relationship, "contrary to human rights."Describes the paragraph 377 of the Indian Act during the period of British colonial homosexuality as the process of intercourse against the order of nature, and regards it as illegal.The Delhi High Court has issued in July 2009 described the law a provision which was drafted during the colonial rule as a racist and recommended that the court is not gay marriage adult crime.And until the issuance of this provision was gay sexual acts punishable by imprisonment for ten years.Almaedion welcomed the freedom of homosexuality by a court of Delhi. They said that would help prevent them from abuse and detention of dissidents by the authorities.As opposed currents of political, social and religious power. And demanded the return of the law of the colonial period.
Source: BBC Arabic

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