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Author of Harry Potter back to writing a new novel for adults

British novelist J. said. KT. Rowling author of the Harry Potter series on Thursday it will return to the world of publishing a new book for adults has not been set after his name.

Said the writer who became a best-selling novels in the world and turned into a series of new films that her novel would be "very different" from the books that made ​​her fame.

The "freedom to explore new horizons talent given me the success of the Harry With thisnew outlook seems a logical progression to have a new publisher."

She added: "I ​​am pleased to deal with a publishing house belonging to a second group of Little Brown and team deployment will be a great partner in this new phase of my career inwriting."

Details are still secret and the book will be the announcement of his name and date of its publication later this year.

Source: Reuters

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