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Russia accuses Ukraine of stealing some 40 million cubic meters of Russian gas this month

روسيا تتهم أوكرانيا بسرقة نحو 40 مليون متر مكعب من الغاز الروسي الشهر الحالي
Russia accused the words of Alexei Miller, CEO of "Gazprom" Russian Ukraine to withdraw about 40 million cubic meters of Russian gas passing through its territory illegallyand in different batches within the month.

Miller said during his meeting with President Dmitry Medvedev on Wednesday, February 22 This deduction liver "Gazprom" and the impact of physical damage to its reputation inEurope, the fact that a large amount of Russian gas to Europe did not reach, according tocontracts signed previously.

For his part, instructed Medvedev, the company "Gazprom" to extend the pipeline South Stream to Europe without passing through the territory of Ukraine, and to investigate the issue of truncated gas with the Ukrainian side in the legal proceedings and official, andasked the company to take into account the fact that the line is a capacity Tmrerahsubstantially during the the design and construction.

The Russian leader said: "For Sale South must focus on the ability pass-through finalpipeline, taking into account what happened in the beginning of the year when Ukrainededuct quantities of Russian gas passing through its territory illegally. This gives me an excuse to ask," Gazprom "taking into account the issue of pass-through capability of the tube during the maximum design and tide."

Source: Agencies

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