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Tunisian President, Bill Clinton, leaked documents, Wikileaks among the candidates for the Nobel Peace Prize

الرئيس التونسي منصف المرزوقي
Rights activists say that the president of Tunisia Moncef Marzouki and Bradley Manning accused of leaking confidential documents to a U.S. site Wikileaks and former U.S. President Bill Clinton may be among hundreds of nominees for the Nobel Peace Prize for 2012.A spokesman for the judging committee for the Nobel Peace Prize that he had received 231 nominations for the award this year and announced the names of former Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko and Russian human rights activist Svetlana Janohchina.Has not yet announced the full list of candidates, but experts have begun to speculate on names listed on it.Said Jan Egeland, a veteran observer of the Nobel Prize and the Director of the European Human Rights Watch on Monday, "may look to Tunisia."Egeland said "It's the only bright success story of the Arab spring so far."Egeland said Marzouki human rights activist who became the president of Tunisia in December, "symbolize the peaceful transition from repression full authoritarianism to democracy."And other candidates known former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl, engineer re-unification of Germany.Said Geir Andestad executive secretary of the Norwegian Nobel Committee that there are 43 organizations from among the candidates for the award and the number 231.He told Andestad told Reuters "A lot of them (candidates) have been nominated for years in a row, but there are also some new names."The list of nominated last year, which was the largest ever 241 people and organizations.And announce the winner in the month of October of each year and receive the award at a ceremony on the tenth of December.

Source: BBC Arabic

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