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96 TV channel e to YouTube

Began to share YouTube videos in the establishment of 96 new channel affiliated with the assistance of Hollywood stars in order to reach a generation of viewers familiar with smart phones more remote from the tool used to turn the TV from a distance.
The aim of a giant "online video" to the preparation of 25 hours of programming daily help of some big names in the field of conventional broadcast television.
The website which is owned by Google, the center of the distribution of wealth producers, directors and other filmmakers, him one hundred million dollars was announced recently its monitoring.
This amount represents the largest amount spent by YouTube on the content of the original production to date.
Prosecution of viewersIt is believed youtube it will be preparing the ground for the future, at a time down the TV audience the traditional in recent years, he began more and more people are watching video presentations on mobile phones and computers in particular are aged between 18 and 34 years old, who represent the age group targeted by the advertising companies.
The idea is to create 96 additional channel belonging to the YouTube, which is, mainly, President of the pages for artists, where the public can view video clips - clips - and clicking on the "Subscribe" to be alerted to new content broadcast.The videos are expected to be well-funded and being developed by a selected number of stars more likely to watch YouTube from the usual materials.
The first engine advertisingYouTube is betting that the provision of content and continuously generate income from advertisers and the largest return more viewers to use YouTube. Also betting that it will support the idea of ​​a set of new channels to its parent company (Google TV), dubbed "Web Konictd TV PLATFORM", any TV set via the Internet.
Money has lured some of the biggest TV stars, including the director of "five Aseraa" Justin Lin, who shall remove the scenes from the "community", and Anthony Zoakr, and former chair of the Department of Entertainment TV CBS Tillam Nancy.
Zoakr say they want to post Youtube risk and bet on the future, and stresses that the old system Satdaay and that what everyone thinks of that television is the only organ which deserves attention is not true.
Freedom from interferenceThis is the experience of the directors the opportunity to create a completely free offers from the big studios interventions. Also, these directors will remain at peace with the young viewers who are increasingly using the Internet.
Have started many new channels already broadcast such as "network Naturk any" sports channel Toetili Spanish-speaking.
YouTube hopes to establish all the channels up and running by next summer.
Alex is the head of Carlos programming Biotiob that a group representing the new YouTube channels best that can be provided by the TV in addition to best that can be provided by the Internet.Source: Associated Press

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