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Steal books from the library of millions of euros in Germany

سرقة كتب بملايين اليوروهات من مكتبة بألمانيا
An employee in one of the German ministries of stealing a fortune in office is a largenumber of historical books, some on a very high degree of scientific interest.

Police in the city state of Hesse Darmstadt, central Germany that the total value of stolen goods may reach millions of euros indicating that the actual value will be determined after examining the content library that was frequented by the employee.

A spokesman for police in the town of Kurbakh The 'books belong mostly to the eighteenth century', noting that one of the oldest scientific books stolen book written by the German scientist Otancios Kircher appearance dates for the year 1680.

The price of this book as much as at the gate of the books 'Ibepok' on the Internet the amount of 7500 EUR.

Became clear that the thief is an employee of the Ministry of Economy Hesse state, police said that while he was stealing a set of new, where he wanted to disappear and with it a set of 53 wrote a book from the library of the city of Bad Arolsen Palace in the same state.Authorities were suspected in the operations of that employee theft was discovered afterthe disappearance of library books in the disciplines of metallurgy, geophysics, and natural sciences.

Police found the suspect in the house of the treasure stolen after being searched.

Source: Jerusalem Arab

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